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Premier RX Liver Health

Premier RX Liver Health

SKU: 195893204694

The liver is an irreplaceable organ without which the human body could not function. One of its main functions is degradation of harmful substances that are absorbed from the intestine or produced anywhere in the body, and their excretion as a harmless by-products into bile or blood. The liver also produces and breaks down proteins and processes nutrients from the food we consume. A healthy liver is essential to overall health and human performance. Our liver formula contains 5 powerful ingredients to support the body’s natural detoxification pathways with a full 300mg of TUDCA per serving.

TUDCA is a must in any liver product as it may help stimulate and improve bile flow. Milk Thistle may support liver health and reduce inflammation. Glutathione and ALA are both major antioxidants that protect cells and aid digestion. Bioprene has the ability to enhance absorption of other ingredients.

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