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Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Apple Flavor

Glaxon Super Greens Pink Lady Apple Flavor

SKU: 810127670112

Super Greens has always been a flex of our flavor skills in a category where it’s hard to find. If you have tried our Super Greens, you know, the flavors are unmatched. At Glaxon HQ, we're passionate about exotic and fancy produce, and we've poured that passion into creating a truly exceptional greens formula with industry-leading flavors. Honestly, all of the Super Greens flavors were born from our love for some of the greatest fruits on earth like Pluots (Plum x Apricot aka Dinosaur fruit), Dragon fruit, and the newest edition Pink Lady® Apple.


Pink Lady® Apples have been a fan favorite at HQ for years and doing an authentic collaboration with Super Greens and Pink Lady® Apple is a dream come true. We think Pink Lady® Apples are arguably the best tasting Apples on the planet- seriously, try one. The crisp bite and acid profile with that trademarked fizz is one of a kind. The specific Apple flavor of a Pink Lady® Apple is as legit as it gets in produce. Super Greens x Pink Lady® Apple connects the real and amazing flavor of the actual Pink Lady® Apple with the power of the fruits, greens, and fungi in Super Greens. We honestly should have done this sooner.


For those that don’t know, we make our products in-house and we take that seriously. Countless hours have been spent tinkering to find the right formulas and flavors. For Super Greens Pink Lady® Apple we decided to add actual apple powder to the formula and spent time in the lab to make this experience as close to drinking a glass of fresh Pink Lady® Apple Juice as possible.

Fresh from our lab to your lips, so you better pucker up, we are excited to raise a shaker of Super Greens Pink Lady Apple® with you. 

What does Super Greens do, you ask?

Glaxon's SuperGreens can help with better performance, stronger immunity, and next-level taste! 

Super Greens gives you the antioxidants, superfoods, fiber, and enzymes to support overall wellness, but also features  IMMUSE™.

IMMUSE™ a unique post-biotic that proactively supports the immune system.* Additionally, SuperGreens Immune contains organic mushrooms from SuperShrooms™ to enhance mental focus, support athletic performance, and provide key beta-glucans.* 


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