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Glaxon Specimen G.F.Y. Cinco De Mango

SKU: 850027534558

SPECIMEN® GFY will enhance your intensity and alertness to peak levels during your workout.* Designed for those hardcore stimulant lovers that consider themselves a breed above and never settle for a PRE that doesn't hit hard. With an emphasis on euphoric stimulation, mental clarity and blood engorged muscles.* This preworkout truly is a SPECIMEN®!


  • 400mg caffeine per 2 scoops
  • Mind-muscle connection*
  • Supercharged energy*
  • Full-body experience*


GFY is the most intense stimulatory pre-workout we could come up with and still stay on this side of the legality line. There is enough energy components in this formula to power you through intense workouts and then take you off into a whole different dimension. If you’re looking for a super-potent pre-workout or maybe even something that can double as a powdered fat-burner the right choice for you.



When every other pre-workout has failed our expectations, it’s time to break the glass and bust out the heavy artillery. Maybe you have a high stimulant tolerance, or maybe you just weight more than most normal people and the one-scoop protocol just isn’t gonna cut it for someone with a higher body mass. Either way, this stuff is powerful and you should be warned before taking it: This is a two-scooper at most! If you don’t believe us...GFY.



So… basically, GFY is a full-on assault of both alpha- and beta-adrenergic receptors. “Adrenergic” comes from the root adrenal or to the neurotransmitter adrenaline. GFY is our best attempt at a chemically-induced adrenaline rush, which does two things: 1) it activates the body’s “fight or flight” responses (like adrenaline does) and 2) actually stimulates lipolysis, or the breakdown of stored fats. Because of GFY’s effects on the liberation of fat stores, we do recommend stacking with Hybrid to potentially piggy-back on the fuel from Hybrid’s endogenous ketone salts.



Simply dissolve 1 to 2 full scoops of GFY into 16oz (500mL) into water and mix vigorously. Consume 30-45 minutes prior to exercise or strenuous physical activity.

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