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Final Call Pre Sour Gummi Worm

Final Call Pre Sour Gummi Worm

  • Fully Loaded Smart Energy Matrix - designed to give you an instant rush of energy but also maintain that high level throughout your entire workout so you don't feel the energy spikes or sudden crash which means you can train harder for longer and feel great after your workouts! 
  • Get Pumped! PRE's pump matrix delivers more blood flow to the muscles and supercharges your nitric oxide levels which means your going to feel a more intense pump with every set! 
  • Laser like focus - battle ready alertness in the gym keeps you at your peak performance level throughout your workout which means your not going to have time to check Instagram and waste your gains! 
  • See noticeable strength gains from the very first time you take PRE. Breakthrough new plateaus and unlock your inner warrior with a strength matrix fully loaded to launch you to new heights! 
  • NO CRASH! One of the biggest differences you'll feel when taking PRE compared to other pre workouts is that PRE will take you to that high level intense energy but never leave you crashing during or after workouts. You're going to leave the gym with a euphoria like feeling that lasts throughout the whole day. No more afternoon crash or feeling drained during your workouts. Just powerful, clean, sustainable energy you can consistently rely on day after day in the gym.
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