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Alpha Lion Super Human Extreme Slaughtermelon

Alpha Lion Super Human Extreme Slaughtermelon

SKU: 810037995039
  • Backed by Science: Alpha Lion’s new SH EXTREME Energy Pre-Workout formula has 5 patented and trademarked ingredients. 
  • How it Compares: Full label transparency, delicious flavors, and research backed ingredients, SH Extreme is designed to flip all the right switches and take your workouts to the next level by delivering efficacious doses with a no-nonsense approach. 
  • Safe and Effective: SH EXTREME is banned substance free and all ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe). 
  • Product Benefits: Intense, next-level sustained energy + focus, elevated nitric oxide for maximum pumps & nutrient delivery, as well as promoting increased training capacity & power output. 
  • Stack It: SH Extreme is designed to be a comprehensive pre-workout solution. It stacks perfectly with our other Alpha Lion products such as SH Intra, SH Protein, any of our Gains Candy products or if you want to amplify your pumps to the next level – with our SH Pump
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